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RECORDS | 15 07 2014

Naturalisation Certificates, 1870-1912

If you're descended from immigrants - as so many of us are - you'll find this new collection invaluable. We've just added more than 60,000 new records, showing those who became British citizens through naturalisation.

Becoming a citizen was important, as it gave people rights liking voting or inheriting land. In these records, you'll find plenty of information for your tree, including birthplaces, ages, addresses and occupations. Plus, see if you can spot historical figures like author Joseph Conrad (listed as Conrad Korzeniowski).

EVENTS | 11 07 2014

Family history special offers

Family history is full of surprises - especially for the next 12 weeks. With new series of your favourite family history shows on television, we'll be celebrating by emailing you a series of exclusive offers.

Check your preferences to make sure you can receive our emails. Then sit back and wait for an array of prize draws, special previews and more!

RECORDS | 01 07 2014

Parish Atlas, 1538-1832

It's just become even easier to find your ancestors in our parish records, with this brand new Parish Atlas. It outlines old parishes in England, Wales and Scotland, shows how boundaries changed over the years, and shows you nearby parishes, so you can check for wandering relatives.

You can look for a parish in the Atlas itself, or follow links to the maps from several of our related collections. For example, try our new Lancashire Parish Records, 1538-1986, where we've just added more than 5 million new records.

RECORDS | 29 05 2014

Electrical Engineer Records, 1871-1930

Our latest occupation records are bursting with eminent names who worked on inventions we're still grateful for today. These records include membership forms and lists from the Institute of Electrical Engineers, 1871-1930.

The Institute is one of the oldest professional bodies, with members from around the world. The new records join our existing civil and mechanical collections to help you find engineers of all varieties.

RECORDS | 14 05 2014

Surrey Records, 1696-1903

Take an entertaining peek into British society and our drinking habits. We’ve just added thousands of new Surrey Records, including an unusual register of victuallers – inn or tavern keepers. Even if your ancestors weren’t in the pub trade, you’ll find plenty of amusing snippets about one of our nation’s favourite pastimes, including the characters who frequented the watering holes!

More new Surrey Records are the Freeholders’ Records, which list the men qualified to serve as jurors between 1696 and 1824. You’ll also find Surrey Land Tax Records 1780-1832, which often list both property owners and tenants, handily placing them in both a parish and a year.

RECORDS | 23 04 2014

West Yorkshire Records, 1779-1914

Discover the wayward children from your family. Fascinating records from three reform schools in West Yorkshire give an in-depth insight into the boys’ admissions and their time there from 1856 to 1914. Many of these young men went on to fight in World War I, drawing on the discipline they learned at this time.

We've also released police records from 1833 to 1914, which hold information on promotions, disciplinary actions, injuries, and physical descriptions. You’ll also find militia records from 1779 to 1826.

TOPICAL | 16 04 2014

Probate Records - How did the War affect your family?

Probate records can give you an excellent insight into your family’s life and circumstances before and after the First World War.

The National Probate Calendar, 1858-1966, shows the value of the items people left to their loved ones. So you can get a good idea of how wealthy your family were before the war started, and how their lives went afterwards.

RECORDS | 15 04 2014

Manchester Non-conformist Records, 1758-1987

Can’t find someone in our parish records? Try these newly added non-conformist records from Manchester. The collection contains birth, marriage, and death records from congregations outside the Church of England.

Discover the important events in your relatives’ lives between 1758 and 1987. The records vary but many include names, birth dates, parents’ names and jobs, where they lived, when they married, when they died and where they were buried.

Have family from the Isle of Wight? We have new non-conformist records from there too.

TOPICAL | 15 04 2014

Military Records - Find your First World War family

This Easter weekend is the perfect time to start your family's First World War story. Search our extensive military records to discover your relatives' role in the War.

Around 90% of all British soldiers who fought in the First World War appear in the Medal Index Cards, so they’re a great place to look. Then try our Service and Pension Records for details like ranks and regiments, where they served and next of kin.

TOPICAL | 09 04 2014

Census records - Find your family before the First World War

Our census records are the best place to begin your family’s First World War story. Many of the soldiers who went to the front will be in these censuses, and you can build a picture of what your relatives were doing on the eve of war.

Start with the 1911 Census and find a relative you know was alive in 1911 – perhaps a grandparent or parent. The records show everyone in each house, so if you find one family member, you should discover many more. Then try the 1901 Census to trace your story back further.

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