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RECORDS | 17 09 2015

Divorce Records, 1858 – 1914

Looking for the next chapter in your ancestor’s story? Try these Divorce Records dating from the end of the Great Depression to the First World War. Browse through thousands of documents detailing the reasons for divorce, from separation agreements to salacious stories of adultery.

We’ve just added 7,500 more records from 1912-1913, giving you first-hand accounts of ‘The Great Unrest’, a period which saw massive changes in the UK class system. These records are a great place to pin down key information for your search, such as married and maiden names, addresses, names of witnesses and important dates.

RECORDS | 06 09 2015

Know more about the Queen’s family than your own?

On 9 September the Queen will become the longest reigning monarch in British history. It’s an extraordinary record in a rich family lineage that has been preserved for centuries. Do you know more about her story than your own family’s crowning glories?

At Ancestry, we can help you enrich your own family tree, add flesh where you may only have the bare bones of facts and dates and give you all kinds of handy tips to make sure your story is kept safe for future generations. So both you and your descendants can come face to face with your family history.

RECORDS | 20 08 2015

Merchant Navy Apprentices, 1824-1910

In the 19th century thousands of young people across Britain started out as apprentices in the Merchant Navy. In the newest addition to our Occupation records, the Merchant Navy Apprentices, 1824-1910, you can find out crucial details such as the ports they sailed from and the ships they were on, as well as their physical descriptions and reasons for discharge.

These records are a great starting point to trace your ancestors’ careers in the Merchant Navy. Did they stay on course or jump ship? You can find out with links to other seamen records, including Master and Mates certificates and Crew Lists from Liverpool, Glasgow and Dorset.

RECORDS | 13 08 2015

UK, City, Town and Village Photos, 1857-2005

Discover what your local high streets and bridges looked like over a century ago in our UK, City, Town and Village Photos, 1857-2005. This comprehensive collection includes more than 320,000 images of more than 7,000 individual cities, towns, and villages across the UK, and provides a fascinating record of past Britain’s changing street scenes, fashions and styles.

This is not just a unique opportunity to put faces to names, you’ll also find images of UK towns and villages linking to the 1901 and 1911 Census records, providing you with crucial information in your family search.

Helpful hint: When browsing through the images, be sure to open the index panel to see the subject of the photos.

RECORDS | 18 06 2015

Battle of Waterloo, 200th anniversary

200 years ago, Napoleon suffered his final defeat at Waterloo. Over 25,000 British troops fought in the battle and we’re releasing new records to help you find your ancestors who were there.

The British Army Muster Books and Pay Lists, 1812-1817, cover the years of the Napoleonic Wars, including the Battle of Waterloo, and contains such details as rank, pay, regiment, start date, and more. Along with our existing Waterloo Medal Roll collection, these records are a great resource to not only find your family connection to a pivotal moment in Europe’s history, but to follow the story of your military ancestors through the years.

RECORDS | 04 06 2015

Surrey Mental Hospital Admissions, 1867-1900

Sometimes your family history search can tell a much more unique story than simply where your ancestors were born or when they got married. Surrey was home to more asylums and institutions for the mentally ill and disabled than any other county in England, with thousands of residents and inmates from all over the nation. The Surrey Mental Hospital Admissions, 1867-1900 can provide a wealth of details about the patients of several area hospitals and asylums.

Or, if your ancestors weren’t in one of Surrey’s many hospitals, you can see if perhaps they instead ran afoul of the law in the Surrey Calendar of Prisoners, 1848-1902. These records can tell you information such as the crime committed, verdict, name of the accuser, and other scandalous details.

RECORDS | 14 05 2015

West Yorkshire Occupation Records, 1627-1962

Did your ancestors ever serve as an apprentice to a master? Did your local West Yorkshire haunt exist hundreds of years ago, and was it actually haunted? Find the answers in our new West Yorkshire Occupation Records, which include around 45,000 Occupation Records, 7,000 Apprenticeship Records and more than 76,000 Alehouse Licences.

These three collections, spanning four centuries, are a great place to pin down key relationships and build out your tree. If your ancestor served as an apprentice, for example, you could find the names of their masters and parents in Apprenticeship Records. Discover whether your ancestors worked for carpet or cotton manufacturers in Occupation Records, right down to their favourite boozer in our Alehouse Licences. For non-locals, these collections offer the perfect opportunity to find out more about the rich heritage and history of West Yorkshire.

20 04 2015

WWI War Diaries

Find out exactly what your relatives experienced during World War I, with two new collections of detailed War Diaries. These collections are extra special as they include daily reports on operations from the Western Front and the Gallipoli Campaign. You can find out where your ancestors were and what they were doing at particular periods during the war.

The level of detail varies depending on who was filling in each diary - but at times you can read what the weather was like and how morale was holding up. You'll even find hour-by-hour accounts of some of WWI's largest battles, from the soldiers' point-of-view.

RECORDS | 26 03 2015

Bexley Parish Records, 1558-1985

Drawn a blank in our London parish records when looking for your ancestors? Try these new parish records from the borough of Bexley. These baptism, marriage and burial records span five centuries, and are a great place to pin down key life events for your tree.

This collection is extra comprehensive as it includes cemetery registers as well as burial records. That means you can find people who were buried in both church and civil cemeteries.

RECORDS | 18 02 2015

Royal Navy Registers, 1900-1928

It’s rare to have a collection of records with so many fascinating details of our seafaring servicemen pre-World War I. With 390,000 records, our Royal Navy Registers provide a unique opportunity to get closer to your relatives who served in the UK Royal Navy.

In addition to all the crucial personal information, such as birthdate, birthplace, vessels served on, and dates of service, the records also include occupation in service and reasons for discharge. But take a closer look and you’ll find the seaman’s physical description, including age, height, hair and eye colour, and even complexion. Most fascinating, though, are the descriptions of wounds, scars and marks, which let you paint a complete picture of what your relative might have looked like.

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