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TOPICAL | 15 04 2014

Military Records - Find your First World War family

This Easter weekend is the perfect time to start your family's First World War story. Search our extensive military records to discover your relatives' role in the War.

Around 90% of all British soldiers who fought in the First World War appear in the Medal Index Cards, so they’re a great place to look. Then try our Service and Pension Records for details like ranks and regiments, where they served and next of kin.

TOPICAL | 09 04 2014

Census records - Find your family before the First World War

Our census records are the best place to begin your family’s First World War story. Many of the soldiers who went to the front will be in these censuses, and you can build a picture of what your relatives were doing on the eve of war.

Start with the 1911 Census and find a relative you know was alive in 1911 – perhaps a grandparent or parent. The records show everyone in each house, so if you find one family member, you should discover many more. Then try the 1901 Census to trace your story back further.

RECORDS | 13 03 2014

Irish Catholic Registers,1763-1912

If you have Irish ancestors, you’ll be interested in our newly added Irish Catholic Registers, 1763-1912. This important set of records gives details of baptisms, marriages and burials of Irish Catholics recorded by the church across three centuries.

More than 80% of Irish people declared themselves Catholic in 1831. With more than a million records covering 22 of the possible 32 counties of Ireland, you're likely to find at least a branch of your family tree here.

RECORDS | 18 02 2014

Gloucestershire Wills, 1541-1858

We’ve just added Gloucestershire Wills, 1541-1858, an indexed collection of wills and inventories proved in the Diocese of Gloucestershire. Wills in England and Wales were proved in church courts during this time. These records are rich in detail, helping you discover a wealth of new and fascinating information about your family.

Search these uniquely personal records to confirm family relationships and discover what your ancestors most cherished. These wills are mainly for men or unmarried or widowed women, because a woman’s property was the property of her husband until 1882.

RECORDS | 18 02 2014

New Caribbean Records! 1590-1928

If you have Caribbean descendents or are interested in history from this area, we have a treat in store for you! These new records will help you trace ancestors from all over the Caribbean and learn more about life on these sun-drenched isles.

Stretching from 1590-1928, you’ll find over two million births, baptisms, marriages, burials and deaths listed here. Start searching today to discover more about your Caribbean ancestors and add them to your tree.

RECORDS | 12 02 2014

Army List, 1908

We’ve just updated the Hart's Annual Army List from 1908, which is now available as a searchable collection. It contains lists of serving, reserve and retired officers for every regiment in the British Army – so it’s a must for military history enthusiasts and those searching for relatives who served at that time.

If your ancestor is listed here, you will be able to find details like their rank, regiment, death date, and even a description of their military career.

RECORDS | 07 02 2014

West Yorkshire Tax Valuation, 1910

Try these newly added West Yorkshire Tax Valuation records from 1910 to pinpoint your ancestors. The records were created so the Government could work out how much to tax people. In this case, the tax was on the increase in each property's value over time.

Find extra details on the properties along with names of owners and occupiers, street location, and the value of the land.

RECORDS | 03 03 2014

Unlock your family secrets

Have you seen our wills and probate records? They stretch back to the 14th century and are a brilliant place to find out what – and who – your family members treasured most.

Start with the England and Wales National Probate Calendar, 1858-1966, and our newPrerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858. It includes a fascinating glimpse into the lives of some of the nation’s most famous sons and daughters, like Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Wordsworth and Cromwell.

RECORDS | 28 01 2014

Updated: Surrey Parish Records, 1538-1987

Have you already searched this collection for ancestors from Surrey and drawn a blank? Take another look today – you could be in luck! We’ve just added a whopping 400,000 records to our Surrey Parish collection.

You’ll find records from the 16th to the 20th century in three packed collections – baptisms, marriages and burials.

RECORDS | 07 01 2014

Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858

We’ve just added the most important collection of wills for England and Wales from before 1858 proved by the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. It’s packed with wills from members of the old middle and upper classes and paints a rich picture of life at that time.

The collection includes a fascinating glimpse into the lives of some of the nation’s most famous sons and daughters, like Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Wordsworth and Cromwell. You can search the index to find their will and then view the original image to learn more about their lives, family relationships and dearest possessions.

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