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Building your Family tree

Building your family tree is the best way to start exploring your family’s past.

Get Hints to help you find your family

Find new relatives through Member Connect

Stay organised by saving what you find

Share discoveries with your relatives

Start with yourself and your parents, then add everything you can about your other relatives. Even guesses will help, as we use everything you enter to help you go back further.

Start your tree

Hints are how we help you grow your family tree and discover more of your family’s past.

As you build your tree, we start searching for your relatives in our records — when we find something we add a Hint leaf next to that relative in your tree. The more information you add to your tree, the more we can help — so keep checking back for new Hints.

Review each Hint to see what we’ve discovered about your family. Or, if you find a Hint that isn’t right, click Ignore Hint so we know we need to look elsewhere.

Are you particularly interested in one ancestor’s story? Try searching for that person in our records to see what you can discover.

The best place to start depends on what you already know:

Were they alive between 1841 & 1911?

Start with census records

Were they born after 1911?

Start with births, marriages & deaths

Were they a war hero?

Start with military records

Know how they earned a living?

Start with occupation records

Having no luck? Be warned, you may get too many results!

Search all our records More Search tips

We have literally billions of records from all over the world, and we’re constantly adding more so there’s always something new to discover.

Some of our records reveal people from particular times and places, while others focus on certain parts of your ancestors’ lives. Use these links to find the records that are most likely to include your family:

  • Visit our other sites:

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