Military records

Military records provide some of your most emotional discoveries. Find the war heroes in your family in our millions of service records, medal records, casualty lists and other Army records and Navy records.

Latest military releases

WWI War Diaries1914-1920

Find out exactly what your relatives experienced during World War I, with two new collections of detailed War Diaries. These collections are extra special as they include daily reports on operations from the Western Front and the Gallipoli Campaign. You can find out where your ancestors were and what they were doing at particular periods during the war.

The level of detail varies depending on who was filling in each diary - but at times you can read what the weather was like and how morale was holding up. You'll even find hour-by-hour accounts of some of WWI's largest battles, from the soldiers' point-of-view.

Royal Navy Registers1900-1928

While there are many Army collections available, this is a unique opportunity to discover valuable details about your relatives who served in the UK Royal Navy. There are 390,000 records available, searchable by name, date and place of birth, first ship served on, last service year and more.

Take a close look at the images and you’ll find the seaman’s physical description, including age, height, hair and eye colour, and even complexion. Most fascinating, though, are the descriptions of wounds, scars and marks. For those with no photographic evidence, these personal details let you paint a complete picture of what your relative might have looked like.

Army Registers of Effects1901-1929

If you’re looking for fascinating details surrounding our country’s soldiers, then look no further. Our Army Register of Effects, 1901-1929, provides more than 900,000 new records, covering World War I and going right back to the Boer War.

These records tell you what the relatives of soldiers who were killed received from the UK Government. Discover invaluable context about their next of kin and death in service, helping you go back another generation.

Recommended military records

WWI Service Records1914-1920

Service records are the perfect place to start your search for World War I heroes. They reveal their ranks and regiments, where they served, what medals they received and many more personal details.

This collection, British Army WWI Service Records, 1914-1920, includes soldiers who either died during WWI or remained in service until the end of the War. Its sister collection, British Army WWI Pension Records, 1914-1920, covers soldiers who were discharged to pension — usually because they were injured.

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WWI Medal Records1914-1920

Just about everybody who served in WWI was due a medal of some sort. As a result, British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920 — put together to record what awards each soldier had earned — is the most complete list of Britain's heroes.

If you find a relative received the Distinguished Conduct Medal, you can learn more about the courageous deeds that earned it for them in our separate DCM collection.

Campaign Medals1793-1949

Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1949, provides details of more than 2 million soldiers over three centuries of warfare. It lists those who were eligible for a huge variety of campaign medals — which were usually awarded to everyone who fought in particular battles.

You can discover whether your relatives fought in the Napoleonic Wars, The Indian Mutiny, The Crimea or dozens of other conflicts. The two World Wars aren‘t included — you‘ll find the WWI rolls in our separate collection.