Use the AncestryShop

Visit the Ancestry Shop™ by clicking the ‘Shop’ button at the top of the main screen, and choose from a whole range of items to aid your research. If you want to record your family history on your PC, the latest Family Tree Maker™ software is an excellent tool for the job. You can order a copy of Your Name in History (a personalised book about a surname of your choice) or the histories of the various regiments of the British Army. You can also treat a friend or relative to their own membership with one of our gift packs. Birth, marriage and death certificates are also processed via the Ancestry Shop.

To give you an overview of how it works, here’s how to order Your Name In History:

Step 1


From the main Shop screen, scroll down and you’ll see the main items currently on sale. Click on Surname Book – Your Name in History to find out more about it.

Step 2


A copy of Your Name in History will be assembled for your chosen surname (if available), using the mass of data about the name from the database. Just type in your name and hit Search.

Step 3


This is what your own copy of Your Name in History will look like. It’s a collection of all kinds of facts and stats, and includes tips on how to research your family even further.

Step 4


Click the Amazon button to the left and you’ll arrive at the Your Name in History information screen at Now you can buy the book at their great low price directly from the online retailer.