Publish with MyCanvas

Once you’ve put all the branches of your family together using the family tree building tool, there are plenty of ways to share your discoveries. One of the best things you can do – and this will really impress your friends and relations – is to create a family book, a pedigree poster, or a calendar which we can print for you. MyCanvas™ is a publishing tool that’s available through and it produces spectacular results. Simply click ‘Print’ when you are in the Family Tree section of the site and a dropdown menu will ask you if you want to create a book, poster or calendar. Alternatively, you can bring up MyCanvas in the Ancestry Shop™ by clicking the tab at the top of the screen.

Step 1


Click ‘Print’ when you are viewing your family tree and you can do more than just admire it. Using MyCanvas you can turn your research into a lovely book, poster or calendar to share with your family.

Step 2


In this example, we’re going to look at creating a calendar so we’re now in MyCanvas where we’ll click ‘Start a new Project’ and then ‘Calendars’.

Step 3


On the next page – Calendars – you can find out about the flexible features of creating a calendar with My Canvas. To start your calendar project, click the orange ‘Select’ button.

Step 4


Next you can choose a theme such as Basic, Classic or Family Memories. You can also choose which month you want your calendar to start from. When you’ve made your selection, click ‘Start’.

Step 5


Here you select which country’s holidays appear (UK or US, for instance) and what anniversaries you’d like on the calendar, such as births and marriages from your family research.

Step 6


In the Project Editor in MyCanvas, you can create text boxes and select from a variety of typefaces, styles and text sizes, customising everything about the calendar in a professional way.

Step 7


Images you have uploaded to your family tree in will appear down the left-hand side. You can drag them onto the image spaces provided in the calendar layout, and resize them, adjust the colour or change the border setting.

Step 8


There are probably important days which aren’t part of your family tree information, and if you click on a calendar page and then on the day, you can add text so that your finished calendar includes these notifications too.

Step 9


When you are done, you can preview your calendar to make sure it looks how you want it to. You can print it using your own printer at home, or pay to have it professionally printed by and mailed to you.