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Once you’ve located a historical record that you think relates to your family using, there are a number of things you can do with it. Using the Content Viewer screen, where the record is displayed, you can zoom in on the document to read it in detail, file it as part of your family tree on and at the same time link it to an individual in your tree. You can even save it to your hard disk, or send us feedback if you think something has been transcribed incorrectly.

Step 1


Once you have performed a census search, for instance, you’ll see the information about the individual you’ve found, and their household. Click on the View Original Image button, top right, to look at the document.

Step 2


When you view an image it’ll appear at 50 per cent of its actual size. You can zoom in by pressing the + button at the top left, or by pressing Shift and + at the same time. Click a few times and you can see the handwriting clearly at 200 per cent.

Step 3


You can zoom out again using the – button at the top left, or use the Print button to print it on your printer. Press View All, and you’ll be able to see extra information and options relating to this census page.

Step 4


Many users like to save documents directly to their shoebox or their family tree. To do this click the Save button at the top right and you’ll get the options shown here. Save the document where you want to keep it.

Step 5


In the right-hand panel, below the Save button, are other options. You could, for instance, leave a comment, see if your ancestor appears in the Public Family Trees of other members, or visit a surname message board.

Step 6


On this census page the third name down is Marion White, but it has been transcribed as Marion Ledbetter. Another member has left an update, indicated by a pencil on the left next to Marion Ledbetter in the Ancestry Index bar at the bottom. Roll over it and a View Updates button appears.

Step 7


Click the View Updates button and you can see that a helpful member has made a correction, which will be reviewed and added to You can add your own updates too, from this box.

Step 8


If you want to query the transcription of a record at, click the Add Update button that appears when you roll over any name in the Ancestry Index bar at the bottom. Select the information you want to change, tell us why, and give us the correct information. All member input is valued at!

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