Use Living Relative Search

Living Relative Search is a really useful tool for locating lost family members around the UK. It draws on information from electoral rolls, telephone directories, land registry records and even Google Maps to provide up-to-date details of people’s whereabouts. Here's how to get started:

Step 1


First carry out a free search to find your relatives. Simply enter a name into the search field on the home page. The minimum information you need is an initial and a surname, but it helps if you use a full first name and wherever possible a middle initial as well. If you know the location, enter this too. You can enter complete addresses or postcodes, have a guess at the town where a relative’s living or search across an entire county. Click ‘Search’ to see your results.

Step 2


You’ll see a preview of the results to your search. At this stage you'll only be able to view names and partial addresses. The type of information that's available within the full results will also be displayed. If you want see all the information about the relative you’re searching for, you’ll need to purchase a credit package.

Step 3


At the bottom right-hand corner of the results table there are three credit package options available, which are highlighted in orange. Click on the package you wish to purchase. This will then take you through to which will link through to the ‘Create a new account’ page.

Step 4


This is where you set up your personal Living Relative Search account. This is completely separate to your account. Simply fill in your details in the form provided to complete your purchase and set up an account.

Step 5


Once your account has been created you’ll see this confirmation page. To return to your search results, simply click on the words 'previous search results'.

Step 6


You'll see a full list of your results. On the right-hand side of the names and addresses column is an ‘Open’ button. Click on this to view the full results for any person. Alongside the results, you’ll see a map which shows you the location of each address from your results.

Step 7


The 'Open' button takes you to a dedicated screen for any person. Here you'll find all kinds of useful information, such as an address, telephone number, house purchase price and even previous occupants. All of these details are public information - we've just brought them together in one easily searchable place.

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