Customise your homepage

Many users find that there are certain areas of the site they like to use straight away whenever they log on. The good news is that it’s easy to make alterations to your homepage so that it looks just how you want it to whenever you visit the site. For instance, you might want to change the order in which the Search box, Record Collections box and Shoebox appear. And if you find you don’t like the changes you’ve made, don’t worry, it’s easy to change it back to normal as well. Here’s how to have it your way at…

Step 1


When you arrive at the site and have logged in, you can change how your homepage looks by clicking the ‘Customise your homepage’ link at the top right.

Step 2


You’ll arrive at this screen. At the top is a green box that lets you add new features to your homepage such as What’s in a Name, World Archives Project or Jewish Name Variations.

Step 3


Select one of them and an explanation of what it is appears, along with a button saying ‘Add to your homepage’. We’ve clicked World Archives Project and its now amongst the boxes below, which form the homepage layout on the right.

Step 4


Each element below the ‘Customise your homepage’ box can be removed from your layout. If you don’t want to see ‘What’s happening at’ when you visit the site, click on the x icon in the top right corner of the box.

Step 5


The arrow buttons at the top of each box enable you to move them up and down. If you love going straight to the family tree you are working on, click the up arrow and it’ll step up one level. Position it where you want it.

Step 6


We removed ‘What’s new at’ and now we want it back. Removed items appear in the Available items list. Just select the one you want, click the ‘Add to your homepage’ button again, and you’ve got it back. (If the restored ‘What’s new at’ does not display correctly, simply refresh the screen using your browser’s refresh button.)

Step 7


When you’re done, for your changes to take effect, click on the Exit button at the top right of the ‘Customise your homepage’ box.