Build your tree, part 1 gives you an array of tools to help you research your ancestors. One of the most popular is the Family Tree area, where you can set up your own digital family tree. Using this feature, you can record and store information about your ancestors as you do your research on the site. Once you start building your tree, our search engines will start looking through our databases to find more records that will help you automatically, signified by green leaves appearing on individuals in your tree. Simply roll your mouse cursor over the Family Tree tab at the top of the home page to get started. How Do I Build My Family Tree? Part 2 enables you to grow your tree quickly using several powerful features.

Step 1


When you’ve pulled down the Family Tree menu from the top of the screen select ‘Start a new tree’ and enter your name and details. Then click Next.

Step 2


The next screen asks for information about your father. Once you have entered this information, click next and enter information for your mother.

Step 3


Now it’s time to name your tree. You must also decide whether you want to share your tree with other members. Click the ‘What does this mean?’ link to help you decide.

Step 4


You can invite others to view your tree. Enter their name and email address and a message, and then send the invitation.

Step 5


Build up your tree using the ‘Add mother/father’ tabs. To add a photo, roll over the person’s name on the tree, and click ‘View profile’. Click ‘Upload photos’ on their profile screen.

Step 6


Once you've added a few generations to your family tree, it will take up an area larger than your screen. To change the view so you can see earlier branches for an individual, click the green arrow pointing to the right, next to their box on the tree. The view will switch to their ancestors. To move towards more recent generations, hover the mouse over a blank space on the screen and it will turn into a hand. Then hold down the left mouse button and drag to the right. The chart is easy to navigate in this way.

Step 7


You can initiate a search in the records by rolling over a person’s entry on the tree. Click ‘Search records’ and a worldwide search of our records will be done using the information entered so far. See the tutorial on Search historical records for more information.

Step 8


If you find a correct record for your ancestor, such as this birth index, you can add it to their profile by clicking the Save button. Then choose Attach to... and the name of the person. 

Step 9


If you prefer to navigate your family tree vertically, with the most recent generations at the bottom and the earlier ones towards the top, click the Family view button at the top right. This alters the view. If you don’t like it, you can just click Pedigree to get it back to a left-to-right view.

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