1911 Census Viewer – a unique experience

The 1911 Census is the perfect place to start discovering your family’s past. It also reveals information about your ancestors that isn’t on any previous census.

To help you pick out every last detail, we’ve created a unique record viewer, providing several new features that you’ll currently only find on our 1911 Census. To use this viewer, simply select ‘Try now' from the record transcription page (the page you see when you click 'View Record' on your search results).

Search the 1911 Census now

The first feature that most of you will notice is highlighting. Whether you’ve selected a relative from your tree or searched for someone new, that person will be highlighted in yellow when you view the record, making it easy to spot them. The rest of their family is also highlighted – in green – so you don’t even have to go looking for other relatives.


Informative tips
If you’re having trouble reading a relative’s name, hover your mouse over it to see our transcription. You can then move along the row to get help with each part of their entry. As well as the transcription, you’ll often get an explanation of what that information means – for example with ages we’ll work out an approximate birth year for you.


Name label overlay
As you move around the record, and away from the written names, their transcriptions automatically appear on the left of your screen. That means it’s always easy to see whose entry you’re looking at, and you don’t need to keep moving backwards and forwards to connect names with birthplaces or occupations.


Speaking of moving around the record, you have several new options to help you do that. Click anywhere on the screen and hold down your mouse button, and you can literally drag the record around your screen. You can also zoom using your mouse wheel, or use onscreen controls to zoom and pan.


Image controls
There are also new options to change how the record appears on your screen. You can rotate it, flip it horizontally and vertically, invert the colours to see if that makes it easier to read, and adjust the contrast. You'll find all these options in the Actions menu.


All these changes make it easier for you to spot your ancestors in the 1911 Census, and make sense of their stories. To start using them, search the 1911 Census now